Together we are stronger

Ingenuity Applied

Making a difference

Our commitment to the world we live in

We place great importance not just on what we do, but how we do it. Being a socially responsible business is led by our values and vision, and is embedded within our business strategy.

Inclusive – enough to bring people together and work as one
Smart – enough to find unique answers to complex questions
Courageous – enough to talk honestly when it really matters
Restless – enough to always improve and never compromise
Dependable – enough to make grounded decisions that deliver.

By engaging and working together with clients and local communities we create a shared understanding of the needs and impacts of our projects and services.

Our vision is to contribute to the world we live in and enhance people’s lives through the creation of ingeniously practical spaces.┬áBy acting responsibly and working collaboratively we can make a positive difference to how people live, work & thrive.

Taking care of
our people

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Safety, Health and Environment

Ensuring a healthy and safe work environment

For Shepherd, corporate social responsibility means many things