Materials Involved in Roof Replacement

Do you have an asphalt roof that needs replacement? Roofing company Leavenworth has been in the industry of roofing services for years now. Here, we provide only the best for everyone in need of roofing needs. If you need to learn more on what comes with replacing your asphalt roof, then here’s a list to navigate you through the process. 

  1. Roof decking  

Have you been wondering what roof decking means? Decking is simply the boards made of wood that makes up your roof framing. Decking provides a space for the attachment of your roofing shingles. If ever your roof is in the process of replacement, the decking of your roof is replaced as well because this is where your roof shingles is attached to. The roofing experts will identify if your decking is sturdy enough to handle the new shingles, else they definitely replace the decking too.  

  1. Roof flashing 

Roof flashing is not often replaced compared to your roof decking. This is a material made of metal that is attached to your wall, open valley or chimney. If the flashing in your roof is not rusted, then it will not be subjected to replacement however if there are significant damages and rusting, it is upgraded as well.  

  1. Underlayment 

Underlayment is placed over the decking of your roof. It is a material that will provide an added protection to your roofing system. It is a vital component in the roof replacement process and is an important part to be replaced when needed because it is a defense for the decking of your roof. Always look for an underlayment that is of high quality.  

  1. Drip edge 

This material is responsible in making sure the water flow on your roof is controlled properly ensuring that the water flows away from the fascia and the other components in the roofing system. If you are getting a new roofing made of asphalt, expect your drip edge to be replaced as well.  

  1. Ice and water shield 

Roof valleys help the water flow on the direction it should be going thus your roof valleys need to be protected properly. Ice and water shield provide a waterproofing capability to ensure your roof is protected from water and ice in the wet and winter seasons. When you are getting a roof replacement expect this to be replaced as well.  

  1. Shingles 

The shingles in your roof is what you externally since it is the top most layer. So if you are an amateur in roofing, you may directly think of shingles when roof replacement is mentioned. Shingles are totally a part of roof replacement since they are the first line of defense when it comes to sheltering your home. It is also vital that installation of shingles is done in the right manner.  

  1. Ridge capping  

This is the peak you see when the slopes of your roof meet. A ridge capping is a thicker material compared to shingles and are designed to be bent for the purpose of forming the ridges of roofs. This is also included when replacing a roof.  

Improve Your Home’s Roofing

Roofing can often be overlooked when concerning a home’s appearance however it is a very important aspect of a home that needs to be paid attention to. When it comes to building a home, roofing often adds a significant value to a home, more than that it also ensures that a home is durable enough to last for a long time. 


To help you improve the roofing choices you make here are some factors you need to take into consideration. 

  1. Material Options 

There are many roofing options in the market however most roofing companies dwell on the famous duo asphalt and bitumen. The two famous roofing material are reliable however if you want to make better options make sure that you go looking for other choices.  

A roof made of single ply membrane has been getting attention nowadays because it can be easily and quickly installed. More than that, it also offers better resistance to UV and chemical. These roofing option may not be on top when it comes to compatibility however it can be flexible when it comes to color thus it can camouflage with other roofing materials.  

Built up roofing is a combination of asphalt, bitumen and an added reinforcing fabric. This type of roofing is on a different level of durability and can ensure you are saving energy because it has added layers.  

There are many roofing materials options out there however it is always better to be flexible with the needs of every client.  

  1. Safety is a priority 

Roofing involves being exposed to risks when it comes to height. Some homes can have multiple stories thus roofers are always at the brink of falling injuries. Roofing companies should take safety as a priority and investing in items that will help ensure the safety of the workers should be a must. Protective gears like harnesses, gloves, hard hats and shoes that are anti slip are on top of the tier when it comes to safety gears. These are necessary items and should be non-negotiable when it comes to roofers.  

  1. Energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency is not just beneficial to the environment but also to the pockets of homeowners. It is very important to lean on companies that offer solutions that are beneficial to our ecosystem. Focusing on providing solutions that are bring energy efficiency does not necessarily need to be grand, small changes really do bring big impacts. One way to efficiently solve a problem of energy consumption is through switching to roof shingles that are lighter in color. It has been studied that darker colors collect more heat and tend to be harder to cool down thus making sure that your shingles are on the brighter tone bring more benefits than you could ever imagine.  

  1. Proper installation 

Your roofing should suffice for at least 20 years if it is installed correctly and properly. One vital part of roof installation is making sure that you are precise while you are still on the project of construction. A checklist can help to make sure every detail is checked and completed. It may seem unnecessary however it pays to be sure.  

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Difference Between Reroof and Roof Replacement

Your roof is a big investment that’s why it is only fair to maintain it well and know the right process to go for if it needs repair. If ever your roof is not in a good condition, never try to put off the process of fixing it. However, when it comes to roof concerns, we often interchange reroofing and roof replacement. 


So, what is the difference between reroofing and roof replacement?  


When it comes to keeping your roof in shape, it is always a good option to have it restored because it is a quicker way to patch the problem without putting much financial investment. One way to fix a roof that has leakage problems often involve placing a new shingle on top of the shingle that has a problem thus improving the look of your roof and adding a protective layer to make sure leakage is prevented.  

If you only have a single roof shingle problem then reroofing is a good option however due to building codes, having one more will prohibit you on having a reroof. A way to solve your roof problem will then be roof replacement. Moreover, if you have water damage problems, missing or soggy shingles, reroof won’t be a good option for you too. Overall, reroof is for roof problems that caters to very minor problems however won’t guarantee a longer fix compared to roof replacement.  

Roof Replacement 

Roof replacement caters to bigger roof problems. Since the goal of roof replacement is replacing the overall roofing of your home, a vital step in the process before the replacement is the stripping of all old shingles exposing the roof deck. After removing the shingles, a new underlayment is installed thus making sure that the roof can be thoroughly protected from any elements. Lastly, a new roof is installed and since everything has been replaced, your roof can last a good 20 years or more.  

Having your roof replaced instead of opting for reroofing ensures that all problems or damages that you need to take care of regarding your home’s roof is taken into consideration thus ensuring you that everything is fixed and good to go after the replacement process.  

So how do you really decide if you want to go for a reroof or a total roof replacement?  

When it comes to roofs with damages or leakages that are minor, reroofing is your winning candidate.  

However, even if it may sound cheaper, reroofing is actually quite expensive given that roofing professionals and companies charge per 10×10 square inches.  

On the other hand, roof replacement is your best option if you have damages in your roof here and there. It may seem costly because you will have your roof totally replaced however it is a very good investment given that you will benefit with it in a long period of time. Since, roof replacement involves getting rid of all the old shingles in your roof, other problems can also be taken care of thus given the investment, you will not only have your roof replaced but you will also be able to address other issues in one go.  

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