Tinkering your home with a few fixes here and there surely helps in adding some appeal to the curb and bringing more highlight to your home like investing in a new siding. Siding materials vary and over the years, options just pile up, however here are the most popular you can choose from. 

  1. Wood Siding 

Wood siding is a popular choice when it comes to siding options for a home. Wood siding varies in itself as well. It can include shingles, panels and wood planks too. One of the most traditional wood siding that never goes out of style is the clapboard lap however one thing that makes people turn their heads away from this type of siding is its cost and maintaining needs. Wood siding is a siding type that is easy to repair however it can be hard to install wood siding over an already existing siding. Investing in this type of siding can also cost more due to the finishing its exterior needs like staining or painting. Since it is exposed to the outside elements like the heat of the sun, it can be easily subjected to rotting, splitting and warping.  

  1. Metal Siding (Aluminum and Steel) 

Wood has been famous for giving off a classic note to a home however it can be an expensive choice for many that’s why metal siding has been designed as an alternative. Aluminum siding has become famous due to its lower needs when it comes to maintenance and has been a good option for homes that are newer and more modern. Moreover, the availability of steel from overseas has also been low on cost thus steel siding has been an affordable option.  

Wood lap siding has been a choice for many, however, since it is pricey, horizontal steel and aluminum siding has been famous as an alternative. Due to its similarity many prefer it too. Steel and aluminum siding also offers more durability against weather conditions as well.  

When it comes to style, there is a variety of choices when it comes to metal siding. It also provides similarities in appearance with wood siding. This type of siding has been applied with a finish that can resist maximum corrosion and are usually galvanized for protection. One problem with metal siding though is denting.  

  1. Vinyl Siding 

Since everyone wants an affordable option that needs less maintenance, vinyl siding has been designed. This technology also involves interlocking edges just like metal sidings. If you are a retro style fan, this can be very beneficial to you. Moreover, houses that have old siding made of wood but have some panels that are damaged and needs repair or replacement, vinyl sidings are great as an alternative because it matches through its wood texture. One downside of vinyl is how it can easily crack in col conditions and when exposed to a strong force or impact. It is also critical to install it properly or it can warp.  

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